New Ideas
Trying to get results (14.5 years)
"If you condense my life into one day, it looks decent." (George Costanza)
Short Resume
about me
Born in 1975, living in Tel Aviv, with Ornit, our daughter dafna & a cat.
I've started my way on the web in 1999 taking a crash course in web design, HTML & Photoshop.

After working on some basic websites I started producing specifications documents, Information Architecture schemes and interacctive UI mockups - working with product people as well as dev.

My expertise is solving problems and innovative ideas for all kinds of human interaction.
My aim is always to combine ingenious ideas with perfect execution.
Check out some of my projects below.
Better Place Drivers Web Dashboard
Dashboard Wireframes
Designing the online dashboard for the ground breaking electrical vehicles drivers. The dashboard and user flows are a product of a long work w with the company product managers & technical guys.
Safebeyond - The Digital Time Capsule
Full UX Design
Working hand in hand with the startup founders - from refining the concept to personas definitions, information architecture and UI design.
JFrog - Universal Repository Management
Mobile App Prototype
The project goal was to design the mobile experience for the marketing oriented website of JFrog - the leading code repository solutions provider. The project process included researching the marketing needs of the product and implementing the right solution for the mobile site.
Emaze - Web Presentations Platform for web sites
UX Design
Working closely with the product leader on all UX aspects of the world leading web platform for creating and sharing presentations. Researching use-cases, designing UI concept, user journey and flows.
Clementina - Website & Application Design Agency
Webby Honoree
Webby Honoree winning site for the graphic design & UI development agency. I've come up with a new approach for dynamic navigation menu: the user can open the menu in any size, wherever he wishes on the screen by dragging the mouse right & the search bar by dragging left. This was meant to be a showcase of creativity in UI design - and it worked (you can see the Webby page in the link below the headline).
Designing UI for an innovative search engine for food & dishes (based on ingredients filtering). Working with the product lead to achieve a clear and friendly tool to assist users with special nutrition needs.
In a Nut Shell - What I do?
User Interface Design
Interactive Mockups
I work with Axure, Framer.js, Photoshop and
my drawing notebook to produce UI
prototypes & mockups for websites and apps.
Information Architecture
User Flows & Personas
My aim is to design flows
that are easy to track and entice
the user to engage with.
Coding for POC
Make It All Come Alive
I work with server side
and client side technologies
to produce POC for new
Experience Ideas